The #BlackComicsChat Wall of Heroes


Hey folks! We’re going to be maintaining this page as a big collection of links for any and all that have been on the show. You’ll also be able to find some of these links and other odds-n-ends in the individual show notes, but this is a kind of catch-all that you can bookmark to search for these creator and content kings and queens. More will be added as new episodes are released and aired.

Have any ideas for additional links to include on this page? Feel free to reach out and let us know!

In the near future, we may incorporate Amazon Affiliate links into this post, or others like it. For now, please be advised that we do not get any compensation for you buying any merchandise through a clickthrough on this page. If this changes, I will update this text to reflect that. The links are merely provided for your convenience.

-Leo, #BlackComicsChat


Episode 1:  Afua Richardson

It’s impossible to not find this mighty renaissance woman’s wonderful content everywhere as time goes by. Most recently, she is signed on to work on some new Batman stories. Her website is a good place to start, and feel free to click the Amazon link below for ease of use.

Afua’s Homepage

Afua on Amazon

Episode 2: Eric Dean Seaton

The man with the name so nice, I mispronounced it twice! Eric Dean Seaton is famous for his work in TV, production, and comics, and his The Legend of the Mantamaji series of books and media are a cornerstone in modern Black superhero lit. Here’s his main website as well as a good Mantamaji page, but note that this book is usually widely available at multiple online stores.

Eric’s Homepage

The Legend of the Mantamaji

Episode 3: Ronald Wimberly

A modern dynamo of techniques who usually commands a graceful, acrobatic, yet dirty style (we are both big fans of David Choe’s art), Ron is one of the kings of the kinetic comic page. In each year, he commands more and more attention as he adds new titles and projects to his roster. He’s a man to keep an eye on, and destined to be remembered as one of the all-time greats.

Ron’s Homepage

Ron on Amazon

Episode 4: Roye Okupe

Roye’s E.X.O. : The Legend of Wally Williams comic went from being a drafted idea, to a successful Kickstarter, to a pronounced success whose reach is vast. This is partly in due to the fact that Roye’s media game is tight, his scope is controlled, and he’s an overall mighty talent who is very transparent about his marketing methods. Check out his studio site YouNeek Studios site for some excellent insights into his process, general culture news, and even a free peek at his flagship title.

Roye’s Homepage

Episode 5: Chuck Collins

Chuck is a big presence in the indie Black comics sphere, and his long-running Bounce! comic has only widened in its audience since inception. A fellow New Yorker, Chuck has been growing his online presence and now offers quite a bit of value to his Patreon subscribers, so check out the comic and the links below to support.

Bounce! Comic

Chuck’s Patreon

Episode 6: The Radio Free Amerika Crew

The brainchild of B. Robert Bell and Robert Jeffrey II, Radio Free Amerika is an excellent concept that combines block parties, dystopic futures, and black helicopters into a righteous read. You can find the comic and places to purchase it at the link below.

Radio Free Amerika

Episode 7: David Walker

David Walker has paid his dues and now makes the news! A lifetime writer, editor, publisher, fan, filmmaker and artist, he has founded and/or contributed to many projects that represent a tireless creator who has begun writing for the big dogs. His old massive magazine of Blaxploitation and pop culture, BadAzz Mofo, was something I couldn’t wait to read on release, and recently he has been writing Shaft for Dynamite! Comics and the magnificent Power Man and Iron Fist for Marvel, among many other things.

David’s Homepage

David on Amazon

Episode 8: Mildred Louis

The creator of the gorgeous webcomic Agents of the Realm, writer/artist Mildred has seemingly only begun her long destined affair with comics. Sometimes I describe AotR as “Kyle Baker does Sailor Moon”, but even that doesn’t do it enough justice. Coming off a successful Kickstarter for a volume 1, Mildred will undoubtedly be growing more visible, hopefully lending her copious talents to many new projects in the future.

Agents of the Realm

Mildred’s Patreon

Episode 9: The Brotherman Crew

Even if you weren’t there, it still happened: Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline and its related titles smashed indie comics expectations way-back-when, planting the immensely talented Dawud Anyabwile and Guy Sims front-and-center in Black comics history. Rather than rest on their laurels, the new wave of Brotherman comics (now featuring Brian McGee’s masterful colors on every page) has arrived, and it somehow transcends the original as a visual narrative; it’s truly a sight to behold. As we wait patiently for volume 2, check out their past and future work below.

Brotherman Comics

Episode 10: The Starhammer Crew

Relative webcomics newbies, J.N. Monk, Vondell Swain, and a team of collaborators, create a weird and wily sci-fi story that is sure to offer you something you’ll like. It’s not an easy thing to describe in one phrase, but it incorporates school life, superpowers, people of color and a lot of spaced-out artwork. You’ll find their comic site and a Patreon below.

Starhammer Comic

Starhammer Patreon

Episode 11: The Purge: Past Unspoken Crew

Roosevelt Pitt, Larry Stroman, and Mshindo Kuumba are all industry legends in their own right, and their decision to relaunch Purge into the modern era is an excellent update for this historic Black superhero.  They have been releasing periodic updates on their Indiegogo project page, but I’ll update these links when Purge gets its own homepage.

Purge on IndieGogo

Episode 12: Jerome Walford

Jerome’s time-bending cosmic labor of love Nowhere Man is an excellent title by a creator who somehow does it all, including managing his own Forward Comix pub and producing several content-rich series under its banner. A significant force in the indie Black comics scene, Jerome’s Gwan anthology is underway with an already-successful Kickstarter, as a collection of immigration-inspired sequential art stories by people of color (including a full-color Snow Daze story!). You can learn more about his work at the links below.

Forward Comix

Gwan Anthology Kickstarter Page

Episode 13: Deborah E. Whaley

Deborah’s book Black Women In Sequence is a fascinating historic text on the presence and positioning of women of African descent in comix. As an associate professor of American studies and African American studies at the University of Iowa, Deborah’s presence in the critical sphere has provided a valuable resource for women looking for their narrative in the culture and beyond. You can purchase Deborah’s books at the links below, and find more of her copious creative and analytical work at her homepage.

Deborah’s Homepage

Deborah On Amazon

Episode 14: Jamie Broadnax and Darrell Taylor

Jamie Broadnax needs little introduction; if you’ve giggled at the perfect gif on Twitter during one of her many live-tweets of TV and film, or have been inspired/enraged at the excellent content on the BlackGirlNerds page, you’re already listening. Providing a space and perspective for an underrepresented viewpoint, Jamie’s reach now grows exponentially year after year. On this episode, we were also joined by Darrell Taylor, whose network of podcasts and articles touch pretty much every single blerd point there is. Between the two of them you’ll instantly run out of space on your phone.


The Taylor Network of Podcasts

Episode 15: Ellis Ray III & Phoenix Da Nerdette

Ellis’ comics craft produces a multitude of subjects, tones, and styles. Presently at work on the No Wonder comic, his homepage will lead you to a trove of interesting and compelling content. Pheonix Da Nerdette’s Heroes and Coffee Podcast is basically right in the title – a series of caffeinated hot takes on modern comic news. You can find some of this stuff at the links below.

Ellis’ Homepage

No Wonder Comic

Heroes and Coffee Podcast

Episode 16: Ashley A. Woods & WeAreWakanda

Ashley A. Woods (let’s keep the “A” in their to keep things searchable) is a relative newcomer to comics, but her finished work on sleeper hit indie Niobe as well as her gallery and self-published comics reveal a significant talent, with a special skill at presenting elaborate, believable fantasy worlds in color. Definitely one to watch. WeAreWakanda is an online destination and signal booster for comic creators of color, afrofuturism, Black scifi, and everything in between and around these markers. Check their stuff below!

Ashley’s Homepage


Buy Niobe at Stranger Comics

Episode 17: Jeremy Whitley

Writer Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless series of comics are a modern day Black Girls Are Magic success story. With a keen ear for dialogue, a demonstrated responsibility towards diversity in representation, and a great team of artistic collaborators, Princeless is a perfect all-ages comic that has commanded the attention of the industry.

Jeremy on Amazon

Episode 18: Afua Richardson

See Episode 1 links

Episode 19: Keith Chow, Imran Siddiquee, and Umapagan Ampikaipakan

Keith Chow is part of the almighty Nerds of Color crew and creates awesome content. He also hosts a killer podcast called Hard N.O.C. Life with various cohorts and guests, as well as being a genuinely dope internet presence who has brought us, among other things, the #AAIronFist initiative. On this special episode we also featured Imran Siddiquee, who is a writer, filmmaker, and public speaker whose work has been published and featured in many publications, not to mention a founder of The Representation Project. Joining these immensely busy people was radio host Umapagan Ampikaipakan, a media personality and comic lover whose radio show in Malaysia brings comics news and opinions to many listeners. You’ll have a field day just scratching the surface of the work by these guys. Check the links.

Nerds Of Color Homepage

Imran’s Homepage

The Representation Project

Uma’s Archive on BFM 89.9


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